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Back to reality

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

img_05131The trip home was more tiring than the journey to Alaska, it took a week to recover and get over the jet lag. It was really difficult to try and get back into the grind of everyday life, I came down to earth with a crash, the adventure was over and it was back to the same old stuff I had left behind, hardly exiting, where as for the last few months everyday had been a new adventure. What was a reai challenge was learning to drive a car again and also to drive on the lefthand side of the road, I found myself in some embarasing situations in the traffic. Fortunately I dont live in a big city. This trip is the best thing that I have ever done, it had it’s challenges and was not a walk in the park, I am driven by challenges. There are so many stories of incedents that happened along the way that I have not written of , they are all of personal interactions with people along the way, most are very touching and almost spiritual. This trip was definately life changing and I now veiw many things differantly, I may just have to write it all down as it will make an amazing story. Sorry I don’t have time now! The most interresting question that I was asked is , what does monkey gland scource taste like? Argentina, Chile and Colombia are all great countries to visit and the people are really nice as is the beer. Colombia was my favourite South American country and has the hottest women, they are drop dead gorgius. Machu Pichu was probably the highlite and the surrounding area is also beautifull, the rest of Peru sucks and Bolivia has got to be the armpit of  South America.  Central America was worth seeing once but I wont be hurrying back, the biggest dissapointment was Mexico as everyone that I had spoken to had raved about it. Unfortunately when I was there it was in the middle of the swine flu epidemic, so every thing was subdued and most people stayed home and I avoided places with a risk of catching the swine flu. I am sure under normal circumstances it is a nice place to visit. The  States, Canada and Alaska were all wonderfull as were the people, nice to visit but very expensive. Seeing all these wonderfull places is amazing and this is because you are on holliday, a visitor and spending money and people appreciate this. I think that if one was to try to go and live in one of these wonderfull places it would be difficult as the culture, language and way of life is very different, you will always be an outsider and you will be competing for jobs with the locals. It is always great to have a place to call home, we in SA are so spoiled with what we have here, the wild life, the climate, the way of life. We can live and not just exist, as many other countries are so controlled it’s painfull. Sure we have our challenges, b ut that is what makes life interesting so enjoy what we have while we have it. The one person that I must say a big thank you to is Ian Burman, as he is the one who set up the blog and made all this possible : Thanks Ian:  I will keep on putting on photos as the take time to upload so keep checking from time to time. If anyone wants info on any of these places fell free to contact me and I will help where I can. Many people have been reading this blog and have not left comments, that’s great, hope you all have enjoyed it. I have enjoyed writting it and doing the traveling that goes with. I may just do another sometime! Watch this space.