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Machu Pichu

Monday, April 13th, 2009

img_0182img_0189Well what can I say! I expected a lot but what I saw was incredible, it totaly blew me away. It has to be one of the wonders of the world. Man it is very difficult to explain, so wait for the pictures. I stayed in a village at the entrance to the valley, it is an old inca fort and settlement, very nice!. Met a french couple who had lived in SA and now live in Cusco and do tourism,they recognised the numberplate. Next day in the square having brekkie an American guy came over for a chat, he lives there and does adventure stuff, he told me of a short cut road through a canyon to the next town I needed to go to. machupichuIt was just like the Matlapitse and saved me about 100 km . I then had to cross the Andes, it is a realy stunning drive, the most incredible mountain passes, canyons, rivers and surrounds. I got caught in a storm on top of the Andes, it was fierce, wind, rain and snow. The mist was right down, I was in the middle of nowhere, luckily a trucker came along and I followed him down. Stayed in a grotty little town that night,nice to be warm and dry. Next day I moved on to Nazca through this great scenery. Nazca, no big deal moving right along, moved on to Pisco and went out to see the Islands, Balletos, the poor mans gallapegos, it was great. So I am just chilling nowat the coast. It is nice and warm, I move on tomorrow north, want to try to get to Ecuador in 2 or 3 days. Bike had a few problems, a bit of TLC and a few other things, also down at sea level and running on higher octane fuel. The fuel has been very poor since Bolivia and the bike has been grumpy, she now has new legs, pretty cool! More later Adios.

Cusco Peru

Friday, April 10th, 2009

img_0169Well I’m now in Cusco, off to see Machu Pichu tomorrow! Left Uyuni on tue am, with 2 new amigos, Fredrico from Argentina riding a Suzuki DR 800 Duelsport and Zach from Alaska riding a Suzuki DR 650, we all jyst met up in Uyuni and rode on. It was like something out of a western movie, rolling into these small desert towns in a cloud of dust, causing quite a stir. Bolivia is a real third world country, very poor and basic. But I did have a pizza in Uyuni that easily rivals the Pots pizzas, look sharp Garry. There are heards of alpaccas and llamas, the small ones are realy cute. Also in the markets there is realy cool knitwear, had to leave fast! So 3 amigos rode on to Oruro where we stayed and had a night on the town. Next day Fredrico left for Brazil, Zach left me in La Paz, Irode on to Copacabana on lake Titicaca, stunning place. Pity it was raining and I had a puncture on the way, no worries the hotel was great, realy cheap and lots of hot water. Left for Cusco this morning in the rain, it’s clear here now, a real touristy town seems quite nice. So off  to Machu Pichu tomorrow, can’t wait!