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Friday, April 17th, 2009

img_0198img_0202Left Pisco on Tue AM, saw a terrible thing, a petrol tanker caught fire and losr it’s load onto the road, a buss following also got burned up with all the people in. Not a pretty sight, traffic was backed up for bout 30 km each way. Yea Iam moving kind of fast, it has all been desert since Santiago, to the top of Peru. It was so nice to come into Ecuador and seeing the lush green jungle, it is a real banana republic, thousands of hectars of bananas and other tropical fruit. Took the scenic route through the mountains to this place, it has hot mineral baths and is very scenic. The bike is holding up ok, broke a clutch cable in the middle of nowhere, fortunately I had fitted spare clutch and throttle cables before  I left , back tyre is going fast so I will fit a new one in Panama. Off to Quito tomorrow should be good, then off to Columbia, looking foreward to getting to Cartegena on the Caribean where I will spend some time and ship the bike to P anama. So far so good one leg nearly done. Thanks for the posts, sorry can’t answer them all, takes me long enough to do the post. More later Adios