Ongoing alien plant removal is an important activity to keep Bugweed, Lantana and others in check.
The majority of the grasslands are in good condition and FROHG monitors closely the few problem areas where alien invasions have occurred.

The size of the problem not just on the Townlands but in the whole area is such that  small volunteer based efforts have only a marginal impact.   There are ambitions to expand the scope of this intervention to properly funded job creating programs which can begin to seriously roll back the Alien Invasions that have been continuing over many years.

On Saturday 17 April 2010 FroHG members cut down pine trees on the Bridle Path up Iron Crown in an effort to rescue an important water catchment area. Pines originating from adjacent plantations have invaded pristine slopes.

Another alien plant clearing day was held on the 16th August 2008 on the grassy peninsula at Ebenezer Dam. This is part of the Ebenezer Dam Nature Reserve and is largely pristine grassland. There are clumps of wattle and bugweed and we removed a good deal of this, but will have to come back. A number of early spring flowers were seen, and in a few weeks' time this area should be well worth a visit.