Friends of the Haenertsburg Grasslands

FroHG is actively pursuing official recognition and legal protection of the Haenertsburg Townlands and other important portions of the Woodbush Granite Grasslands.

Community opposition success story

Sadly, promising Kimberlite pipes have been found about 5 km from the village of Haenertsburg.  The site incorporates some highly threatened ecosystems including portions the Woodbush Granite grasslands.

Ongoing alien plant removal is an important activity to keep Bugweed, Lantana and others in check.
A new project for FROHG concerns two large erosion sites (dongas) on the Georges Valley side of the Grasslands.
In 2008, FROHG members volunteered to lead the Haenertsburg Village Fire Team which assists the foresters with fires near or in the village.
FROHG members are involved with maintaining the Hiking Trail which meanders through the grasslands and forest patches . At times it fell into disuse but various organisations and Haenertsburg residents have played a role in maintaining it. The Haenertsburg Development Foundation (HADEF), obtained lottery funds to do this, and HEMAG members assisted in administering these funds and in physical work in maintaing the trail. Individual Haenertsburg residents who were not necessarily HEMAG members also helped in alien plant removal, clearing the trail, and labelling trees. 

Living in the serenity of the Haenertsburg area, we all have something in common – we appreciate beauty! The changing summer landscape coloured with different shades of green, on closer examination reveal much more - more colour and more variety.

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