Recently, concerns have been raised regards the evident ongoing loss of biodiversity and encroachment of aliens, woody shrubs & bracken fern into the last remnants of the critically endangered Woodbush Granite grassland vegetation type. For an authoritative independent assessment and management recommendations, vegetation ecologist Frits van Oudtshoorn has been commissioned by FROHG. He commenced work on this project on 22 January 2014 and a number of people joined him in the field.

Dr Dave Thompson of the South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON), who has been monitoring the grassland since 2009, gave valuable input, adding his support to the idea of having a long term monitoring project in the area. The plan of possibly establishing a SAEON-UniLim-UKZN research partnership was born, and grassland experts Dr Tim O’Connor and Prof William Bond visited on 13 February 2014.