MEC gets down to grassroots: The Honourable MEC Mr Pitsi Moloto from the Limpopo Department of Economic Development and Tourism responded to the invitation of the Friends of the Haenertsburg Grassland and the Limpopo Branch of the Botanical Society of SA to walk through the spring flowers on the Haenertsburg grassland in October 2009. The purpose of the visit was to lobby the support of the MEC to get this critically endangered grassland proclaimed a Nature Reserve. Please refer to the article below for more details.

Global change impacts on the vegetation of Limpopo: The South African Environmental Observation network (SAEON) has initiated a long-term vegetation monitoring program to track the fate of grasslands and savannas over the next several decades. The area surrounding the village of Haenertsburg supports vegetation of remarkably high biodiversity, and has been chosen as the primary field observatory for this research initiave. The investigations will take a multi-scaled approach - from monitoring individuals and species-level responses to global change and fire through to mapping large-scale shifts of the grassland-forest and grassland-savanna boundaries. The article below provides more details on this research project.

FROHG STATEMENT:  19 August 2008

FRIENDS OF THE HAENERTSBURG GRASSLANDS strongly condemns the erection of a fence around one of the forests and springs  in the Haenertsburg Townlands. This ecologically sensitive area is subject to a current application to formally proclaim it as a nature reserve and this fence is not positively contributing to this effort.  We note with regret that somebody has taken it upon themselves to damage that fence.  We feel that this is the wrong approach to take in dealing with the issue and appeal to the Haenertsburg community to refrain from any further action of this type.   FroHG is making efforts to resolve the situation through mediation and official channels and we ask for your support in this. 

Nature Reserve: FROHG has formally applied for the proclamation of the Grasslands as a Nature Reserve. The process takes a very long time as a number of Government Departments need to be consulted, and agreement reached, before the matter goes to the public for their comments. Once all this has been completed the recommendation goes before the MEC. In consultation with the Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism, in 2008 we decided on where the actual boundaries of the Reserve should lie. It is a very complicated polygon, due to the erratic course of the rivers, roads, School, farm boundaries etc which form the boundaries of this area, as well as the Roads Camp. There is the possibility of linking this later with the Ebenezer Dam Nature Reserve (the peninsula), but we want to get the core area registered first. Please contact FROHG if you have any comments on this process.