FroHG is actively pursuing official recognition and legal protection of the Haenertsburg Townlands and other important portions of the Woodbush Granite Grasslands.

A sub-committee of FroGH members is pursuing the process of legalising the conservation status of the Grasslands (Woodbush Granite Grassland), particularly proclamation of the Haenertsburg Townlands as a Nature Reserve.   They have had a number of meetings with officials from LEDET (Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism) and progress is being made. 

The Woodbush Granite Grassland has finally been gazetted as a protected grassland (Government Gazette, 9 December 2011).

Parts of the gazette are attached below:

This gazetting enhances its conservation status.

Note that on page ten it says:
Activity 12 in Listing Notice 3 relates to the clearance of 300m2 of more of vegetation, which will trigger a basic assessment within any critically endangered or endangered ecosystem listed in terms of 852 of the Biodiversity Act. This means any development that involves loss of natural habitat In a listed critically endangered or endangered ecosystem Is likely to require at least a basic assessment in terms of the EIA regulations.