The Friends of the Haenertsburg Grasslands
FroHG volunteers are the custodians of one of the most threatened South African vegetation types, the critically endangered Woodbush Granite Grasslands, its associated indigenous forests and water catchments. Our unique grasslands play a very important role in a highly water stressed region, and they boast an extraordinary biodiversity with many plants and animals occurring nowhere else in the world.

The Woodbush Granite Grasslands are totally irreplaceable (similar to most of the Fynbos) as they evolved over thousands of years, and once disturbed, they cannot be rehabilitated within human time frames! Therefore they also have the highest conservation priority score in the Limpopo Province.

The largest continuous piece, about 190 ha, is the section known as the Haenertsburg Townlands.  However our focus extends to the numerous smaller remnants scattered on both public and private lands in the Magoebaskloof / Haenertsburg mountains.



The Woodbush Granite Grassland has finally been gazetted as a protected vegetation type (Government Gazette, 9 December 2011).

This gazetting enhances its conservation status.
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