The workshop was held on 21 October 2014 and chaired by Dr Cathy Dzerefos.

Conclusions and actions:

  • It was agreed to implement an adaptive management strategy, i.e. burn depending on rainfall / plant growth, vary season, frequency, intensity. The application of fire has to be planned annually to adapt to conditions.

  • Decisions are to be taken jointly by Trevor Phillips and team, FroHG and experts.

  • Fire records are to be kept. Volunteers to map the edges of fires (GPS, Google polygon tool).

  • Fire plan map to be updated and firebreaks to be reconsidered.

  • Areas with bracken fern are to be mapped.

  • SAEON will monitor current annual and 3 year sites, and also the peninsula, in Feb 2015 as i) a continuation of past research and ii) to form the base-line for any monitoring that happens after the proposed change in fire policy.