Ongoing alien plant removal is an important activity to keep bugweed, pines, lantana and others in check. FroHG monitors closely the few problem areas in the Townlands where alien invasions have occurred.

Some alien plant clearing days (hacks) are listed below.

13 March 2015 - Cestrum hack on the Haenertsburg grassland. It was attended by 7 people (representatives from Komatiland Forests, Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries and FROHG).

17 April 2010 - FroHG members cut down pine trees on the Bridle Path up Iron Crown in an effort to rescue an important water catchment area. Pines originating from adjacent plantations have invaded pristine slopes.

16 August 2008 -  Wattle and bugweed hack on the largely pristine, grassy Ebenezer Dam peninsula (Ebenezer Dam Nature Reserve).


For the entire catchment area, however, such small volunteer based efforts have only a marginal impact.  Therefore, FroHG facilitated a job creating alien clearing project for the extensive grasslands along the northern slopes of the Wolkberg funded by the National Department of Environmental Affairs (News: 2015 FroHG Granite Grassland Project).


Further, FroHG is represented on the Tzaneen Weeds and Alien Plant Control Committee.